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If you are an English/American-speaker consulting this website for help in France, please start by watching the following video. It was made by the American ‘National Aphasia Association’. It is about patience, listening and communicating with aphasic people.
Their website is a mine of information :

In England, ‘Speakability’, which was the national aphasia charity started in 1979/80, merged with the ‘Stroke Association’ in April of 2015. There are many local self-help groups for aphasics and a regular consultation group within the Stroke Association, ‘Aphasia Voices’, which provides views, ideas and advice on their services and resources for people with aphasia.
Details are :
Stroke Association House
240 City Road
Helpline 0303 3033 100
Textphone 18001 0303 3033 100.

National Aphasia Association USA :
Stroke Association UK :

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